500 million people

on the CleverGift platform

The CleverGift Platform uses hyper-personalised eCommerce & Marketing technology, powered by applying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to big data (500 million people on the CleverGift platform), to make buying a gift for close friends & family an easier and delightful customer experience and in the process solves major problems for retailers when it comes to their customers buying gifts online.

All your products

Can be instantly eGifted

As part of the personalised eCommerce shopping experience, CleverGift provides a customised eGifting solution for last minute gifting, allowing gift cards and any products or merchandise to be eGifted instantly by email, SMS, WhatsApp and other P2P messenger applications, allowing Retailers capture last minute gifting occasions, globally, all year round (not just competitive seasonal occasions) after the online delivery window closes.



CleverGift Marketing allows retailers notify customers with hyper-personalised contextually relevant email marketing in advance of the customers’ friends & family birthdays and other important occasions.